RevitCommunicatorâ„¢ for BIM 360 Docs

Powerful & Flexible Team Collaboration inside Revit.

Switching Platforms? Don't Lose Focus.

Conversations drive the design process in AEC projects. RevitCommunicatorâ„¢ enhances the connection between your BIM 360 Docs installation and Revit, enabling your team to maintain better focus. By generating massive productivity gains, RevitCommunicator ensures faster project completion through streamlined team interaction(s).

More Efficient Project Communications

Real-time model oriented communication inside Revit takes project collaboration to a new level. Pin-pointing conversations and issues to a single model element or family allows team members to effectively co-ordinate many design conversations in parallel. Meaning the team moves further, faster.

Faster Design Issue Resolution

Across the AEC spectrum, changes in one discipline can have knock-on effects in others. With RevitCommunicatorâ„¢, your BIM 360 Docs can be discussed, shared and modified directly inside Revit - regardless of discipline. Ensuring faster and focused project momentum.

Lightweight & Robust

Communicate & co-ordinate BIM 360 Docs projects from inside Revit.

Real-time Messaging

Easily participate in many parallel conversations, in real-time across the team, on any BIM 360 Docs content.

Send Files & Families

Send any content to team members and drag / drop families from RevitCommunicator to the project browser or live model.

Issue Management

Track issues from BIM 360 Docs inside Revit, change their status and monitor team performance and output.

2D & 3D

Conversations take place on any model object or element, these can be any 2D or 3D element inside .rvt or .ifc files.

Screenshots & Transcripts

Users can immediately send screenshots to other users in real-time. So other team members can easily see what you see.

Import People & Projects

With just a few clicks, all your BIM 360 Docs projects and team members can be imported into RevitCommnicator.

"We have had a great experience with RevitCommunicator. It made collaboration across the team much faster."
Jason Feldman
BIM Co-ordinator
"We tried RevitCommunicator for 1 month then realised it was becoming a critical tool that we use everyday."
Theresa Williams
"I was looking for new tools to improve communications across our eng. department. Now they use it all the time."
Johan Jansen
Director of IT
Pretty sweet right? Try it today!

Every object a conversation

A powerful tool to bring your BIM360 projects and content alive, directly inside Revit.

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