Issue management in Revit

Experience the power of BIM 360 Docs issues that are managed and co-ordinated from inside Revit.

Issue management is critical for any team using Revit.

RevitCommunicator brings much of the BIM 360 Docs functionality right inside Revit. Issues can be created, changed, deleted and tracked from Revit. These are then auto-synchronized with your BIM 360 Docs projects. A change made in Revit auto-populates the BIM 360 Docs account and vice-versa.

For managers, RevitCommunicator will indicate which team members are working on which issue, who is on-time and who is late 😉

RevitCommunicator intuitively displays who is working on which issue, and on which element of the plan or model. So team performance can be guided and encouraged where it is needed most.

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