Sync BIM 360 Docs with Revit

Get the full experience of BIM 360 Docs right inside Revit along with many enhanced features.

With RevitCommunicator users of BIM 360 Docs can have the same rich experience inside Revit.

After installtion, users can log into RevitCommunicator with their BIM 360 Docs account and automatically access projects, folders and files from within Revit. Moreover, your project team members will automatically be populated the contact list so you can immediately start communicating with them.

Likewise, issues created in BIM 360 Docs will be visible and actionable from inside Revit and any modifications made to those issues in Revit will automatically be visible inside BIM 360 Docs.

Additionally, new files and versions can be published to BIM 360 Docs from Revit and again, vice-versa.

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